NEWS RESUME?! - Deadly Attack Leaves London shaken

Deadly Attack Leaves London Shaken

(CNN News March, 22nd 2017)

At 2.40 p.m London time, March, 2nd 2017, London had been attacked. The witness said she saw people on the ground throughout the Westminster Bridge. The authorities estimated at least 40 people were having hurt, including the 3 police officers were injured with a catastrophic injuries, the others 4 were dead, and a woman ended up in a river later she was rescued with a serious injuries.

The chronology was the attacker speeded up towards the bridge heading to the parliament, passed the Big Ben and then crashed into the railing around the parliament complex. The attacker exited the cars and ran towards the parliament with a knife on his arms. The witness said that the attacker passed his shoulder with a big knife and started to plunging it to the policeman. The attacker was able to stab an unarmed policeman before he was shot by a responding officer. The policeman who died from his wounds was Keith Palmer, a 15-year veteran. The attacker also died from gunshot wounds. The authorities almost immediately called this attack an act of terror.



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