Megantara is a culture festival that was held by 3 senior high school. Megantara was held in Lapangan Bali in September 10th 2016. Usually, on Saturday, we,10th graders, have sport class, but that day we had a culture parade. Boys should wear pangsi and girls should wear kebaya. 

The participants weren't only us, there were some kindergarten students who participate in the parade. They wore various costume, for example traditional clothes and animal costumes. They even do make ups. We began the parade at about 8 am. We walked from Jalan Bali to Jalan Merdeka to Jalan Jawa and finished at Jalan Bali at about 10 am. After that, my friends and I decided to change our clothes because we didn't feel comfortable with our clothes that we wore. After we changed, we waited sooo long from 10 am until 12 pm in front of X Science 2 class. At first, we planned to go to BIP but we were too lazy to move so we just sat in the coridor and chatted a lot.At 12 pm, one of my friend asked us to buy a rope and pins. So we went to a stationary shop next to our school. Because it was already dzuhur time, I went to a mosque across our school and prayed. After I prayed, I asked my friend where she was. She answered me that she and the others were in XI Science 2 class, so i went there. There, 3 of my friends there were doing some makeups because they participate in fashion show that had been one of the events in Megantara. We accompanied them. At 2 pm, my friend and I decided to go to Megantara venue which was Lapangan Bali. We stopped in front of the gate to wait the others but they said they would take some times so we entered first. But, before we entered, i met my old friend  in junior high school so we entered together with my old friend.
It was so hot that I and my friend almost couldn't stand it anymore. We were searching for places that wasn't hot enough to stay and we sat under a big tent (it is actually for vip guest) and enjoyed some performances. 
At about 4 pm, my friends texted me where I was. So I went to meet them near the gate. We took some photos and chatted about how we had been. At 5 pm, the fashion show would began. The participanats lined up near the gate so I and my friends went there to look one of my old friend (who is actually a 3 senior high school student too) that participated in fashion show. We laughed at her (and now I feel so sorry to her) because she wore Irian traditional clothes, koteka. They moved to the stage to do the fashion show. I and my friend enjoyed the fashion show and cheered our representatives from each of our classes. 

After it ended, I and my friend took a walk and take a look at the stands. We toured it until maghrib time. So, we prayed and went back to the stage where we watched T'ST's performance which was so attractive and sooooo great as always. But, I didn''t watch the whole performance because I had to pray. After T'ST, there were some music performances. At 8 pm, one of the guest stars appear. It was The Changcuters. People were so delight. They jumped and sang together. It lasted longer than I thought it would be. It ended after about an hour. I was a bit tired and hungry of course because I hadn't eat anything yet since lunch time, so I and my friend looked for foods to eat. We rushed back to the stage after we get our food because the main guest star, RAN was about to perform. 

RAN's performance was so good that people were one with the songs. They sang every single words in the songs. RAN became a closing for Megantara. It finished at 10 pm. It was a wonderful event.

Kirana Raissa Egasmara



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